Jamma Game Boards and arcade wiring has many variations. It was designed in the 1980s by the Japanese Amusement Machine Association so that one standard wiring system could support many different game boards. As time has passed, the older system has moved away from using every wire on the Jamma pinout, as all modern release arcade game boards support HDMI, or, no longer need -5 volts to operate.


Arcooda machines use a variation of the JAMMA wiring that supports most “combo boards”.  A standard Jamma harness for example normally has pin 26 and 27 not connected, and, pins 27 and 28 connected to ground. The Arcooda Jamma harness has pins 26, 27 connected to  buttons, allowing you to connect almost all combo game boards to your machine, as well as most arcade Jamma game boards.

If however you want to run much older system Jamma game boards, we have different JAMMA harnesses available. These will solve -5volt voltages as well as games that need ground on pins 27 and 28 on the Jamma wiring.

It is very important when installing your game board that the sticker “TOP” of the JAMMA edge connector is facing you and that the game board is correctly positioned when plugging into the cabinet. Please make sure the machine is turned off when exchanging game boards.

Also please take care to align the pins of the JAMMA edge connector with the game board. If you “cross pin” the harness into your game board or IO board there is high chance of damaging your game board/machine.


Step 1. Inside your machine, check that your joystick control panel wiring is setup for JAMMA play. (please check your manual for location).


Step 2. Install your JAMMA game board into th JAMMA edge connector inside the machine. Take care to align pins correctly and have the edge connector wit TOP facing you.


Step 3. If using JAMMA for audio, check that the audio cables that are going to the Arcooda amplifer are labelled JAMMA. If your game board has external audio/output, you can connect this directly into the amplifier box.


Step 4. Depending on your game board, you may need additional adapters to connect into the Arcooda machines. Later Arcooda model machines should support native 15khz, 31khz and 1080P.


WARNING: Please always have your machine turned off when exchanging game boards, or/and wiring harnesses.


EVEN BIGGER WARNING: Arcade game boards are complicated and one solution DOES NOT fit all applications. Some technicial knowledge is needed if you are using traditional arcade systems, especially when running different factory game boards. Please check the game board's manual for the pinouts, game board voltages and cable settings before powering the machine.  Please take extra care, or, hire an experience arcade technician to teach you all the aspects of arcade JAMMA board gaming including helpful hints.

Setup Instruction

Connect Jamma 56pin Edge Connector to your game board