Raspberry Pi arcade gaming kits use a variety of emulation software to play retro games, through Retropie, Retro Arch, Batocera, Lakka and others. First released in 2012, Raspberry Pi is an economical was to play retro gaming, especially with current series Pi that offer improvements in memory and speed.


Easily connect your Raspberry Pi to the Game Wizard arcade machine to enjoy the same gaming standards found in the latest arcade centres.


Step 1. Inside your machine, check that your joystick control panel wiring is setup for console/PC play. (please check your manual for location).

Step 2. After installing your PC inside the arcade machine, plug in the monitor's HDMI cable into your Raspberry Pi.

Step 3. Plug in the Highway I/O board USB twin ended cable into your Raspberry Pi.

Step 4. Change the front multimedia control panel set to PC. Depending on your machine configuration, the location of this switch will vary.



- Game Wizard Panel Switch = PC
- Hand Controllers Connected = No

Setup Instruction

Connect HDMI & USB Cables from Arcooda Machine to Raspberry Pi
Turn Arcooda Media Panel switch to PC
Turn Arcooda Wide Media Panel switch to PC