Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device that is developed by Valve corporation enabling gaming to take their steam library (as well as other games) anywhere they go.



Via the Steam dock, connect the Steam deck to any of our Game Wizard arcade machines. Its as simply as plugging in the HDMI and USB cables into our machines.


Step 1. Inside your machine, check that your joystick control panel wiring is setup for console/PC play. (please check your manual for location).

Step 2. Plug in the Machine HDMI cable into your Steam Deck Docking Bay.

Step 3. Plug in the Highway I/O board USB twin ended cable into your Steam Deck Docking Bay.

Step 4. Change the front multimedia control panel set to PC. Depending on your machine configuration, the location of this switch will vary.



- Game Wizard Panel Switch = PC
- Hand Controllers Connected = No


A Steam Deck docking bay is required.

Setup Instruction

Steam Deck connection into Arcade machine
 Switch Setup for Steam Deck Arcooda Machine
 Joystick Setting for Steam Deck Arcade Machine