Website Known Faults

Sorry, we have been integrating a number of our databases and still working through various mismatches.

ERROR 01 - Freight (not accurate)

We are updated our databases to allow you to order in real time from warehouses around the world. However, costs are not showing correctly online. We will manually quote you for all orders until all databases/couriers have been itegrated.

ERROR 02 - Instant Order / Checkout

Sorry, until the freight can be solved, we are unable to offer instant order/payment. Please expect the full checkout to be online as soon as the freight section has been integrated. For the time being, please send through any requests and our team will help asap.

ERROR 03 - Special Machine Owners Section

We are transferring all databases and information into one main system. If you are a machine owner, please register your machine to gain access to VIP pricing/support. However it may be still some time until all private videos/files are accessable again.

We hope to have everything solved as soon as possible. During this beta phase, please report all issues/errors and the IT team will help to solve. We sincerely thank you for your patience.