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Connect JAMMA RGB to VGA Adapter

Connecting Arcade Jamma to your VGA Monitor is Easy

The Arcooda RGB to VGA adapter is the easiest solution to input your RGB jamma arcade game boards into Arcooda LCD monitors, or any VGA monitor and equipment.

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Arcooda Tempest Upright Arcade Machine

Tempest Upright Arcade Machine is Now Available

The Tempest Upright Arcade machine is our newest, fully customizable, gaming experience. Enjoy traditional arcade gaming, console gaming, VR, gun shooting and more with the Tempest 32inch arcade cabinet upright. Available Now!

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Arcooda Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade Steam Cabinet Support

Pinball Arcade software owners can easily obtain access to Steam Cabinet Support through Arcooda's easy to setup support software, allowing you to turn your desktop game into full video pinball cabinet games. Arcooda's software has support for up to 76 titles on Pinball Arcade, with large improvements to gameplay and graphics allowing you to use 3 monitors to build your virtual pinball machine.

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2nd monitor for Vewlix Chewlix Game Wizard Xtreme

2nd Monitor for Your Vewlix, Chewlix and Game Wizard Xtreme Machines

Add a 2nd monitor to your Taito Vewlix, China made Chewlix or the Arcooda Game Wizard Xtreme arcade cabinet series.

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Australian Gaming Expo 2023 Tempest Arcade.jpg

Tempest Upright is Premiering at the Australsian Gaming Expo in Sydney 2023

Please visit us on booth #820 to view the first world public release of our Tempest upright arcade machine. The Australasian Gaming Expo will be held in Sydney at the ICC from 15-17 August 2023.

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Street Fighter 6 Arcade Machine

Street Fighter 6 Arcade Machine

Street Fighter 6 arcade machine is possible via any Arcooda Game Wizard arcade machine. Just install your PC, XBOX X/S, Playstation 4, or PlayStation 5 for full plug and play arcade experience.

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Asia Parks & Attractions Expo in Guangzhou China

Arcooda at Asia Parks & Attractions Expo in Guangzhou China

We were exhibiting today at the Asia Parks & Attractions Expo in Guangzhou China showing our Tempest upright cabinet.

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Tekken 8 Arcade Machine game play via Tempest Cabinet

Tekken 8 Arcade Machine Game Play

Tekken 8 is plug and play on any Arcooda game wizard arcade machine by connecting your XBOX Series, Playstation 5 and PC to your machine for Tekken 8 arcade machine game play.

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