Cocktail Tables

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The Arcooda Multiside Deluxe Cocktail Table is the premium sitdown arcade cocktail table machine with steel and plywood construction, offering 26 inch arcade HD LCD monitor, Japanese Sanwa joysticks and buttons, 2.1 subwoofer sound system, and endless features that include adjustable height and advanced maintenance features.

Our Classic black mirror LCD Cocktail Table is a commercial grade sleek black finish arcade machine suitable for heavy usage in arcade and street locations, and highly suited to games rooms looking for the finest product. Plywood and steel construction, 20inch 4:3 ratio or 21inch 16:9 inch HD panels, adjustable height, Japanese joysticks, 20amp power supply, and much more.

Our most visually striking classic cocktail table, boasting polished metal cabinet finish, comes with premium components including our 20inch 4:3 HD monitor, 2.1 Arcooda subwoofer sound system, steel and plywood construction, adjustable height, and custom latch design system.

Our classic woodgrain Cocktail Table is a classic style, commercial grade cocktail table that features either our premium 20inch 4:3 ratio monitor or 21.5" LCD monitor, Sanwa Japanese buttons and joysticks, 2.1 sound system with subwoofer, adjustable height and the highest build standards possible.

Showing 4 of 4 products