Classic Cocktail Table Woodgrain Finish

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Product No. 020033
Condition New
Warranty 3 Years
Coin Operated Yes
Product Series Cocktail
Manufacturer Arcooda
Arcooda Part No 20033
Location China

Classic Cocktail Table Woodgrain Finish Description

Our classic woodgrain Cocktail Table is a classic style, commercial grade cocktail table that features either our premium 20inch 4:3 ratio monitor or 21.5" LCD monitor, Sanwa Japanese buttons and joysticks, 2.1 sound system with subwoofer, adjustable height and the highest build standards possible.

Our machines are designed for heavy commercial use, and fully customized to your needs. We manufacturer our cocktail tables using 2mm powdercoated steel for the control panels, legs and cashbox, and use 18mm laminated plywood for the cabinet construction. Full customization is available to use any brand joystick/buttons, monitor, sound system, coin mechanism, artwork and more.

CONSTRUCTION: The machine has been constructed using heavy duty products to create a cabinet that is reliable and durable. It features 18mm laminated plywood cabinet, steel legs and player control panels and is topped with reinforced 8mm glass. The height can be adjusted using the legs and the cabinet uses a modular design for easy exchange of parts.

MONITOR: Choose between our custom 20inch 4:3 ratio highest standard Arcooda monitor or 21.5inch HD LCD monitor.

COIN MECHANISM:The cocktail table features an electronic coin mechanism which has been programmed to accept any worldwide values.

EASY ACCESS: the top of our cocktail table can be unlatched and opens up for easy inspection. We use reinforced glass and it is an easy process if you would like to add your own graphics or designs. No need to use tools to gain access to the internal sections of your machine and you can quickly make any repairs to buttons/joysticks, or adjust the joystick for different game play.

MODULAR HARDWARE: we have introduced a modular construction to the cabinet, parts are easily removed and replaced. Owners do not need full knowledge of electronics, and the wiring into the cabinet is via plug (unplug the cable and replace the entire power supply - no need for soldering, or re-attaching power cables and high voltage leads). Everything has been designed for easy use and easy repair.

INTUITIVE DESIGN: internal operator/owner control panel is easy to use, and includes service and credit switches, left and right volume control for dual speakers and coin meter for arcade operation.

ADAPTABLE: the arcade machine has variable height positions (suitable for children or adults), and also has additional 4 feet which can be used to stop any movement and to stabilize the machine on uneven ground.

CUSTOMIZABLE: add your own designs to the Table Top. Full flexibility is available to you including woodgrain laminate.

WARRANTY: 3 year stress free warranty. The machine has been designed by industry professionals and offers modular design. This means if anything goes wrong you do not need to return the machine back to us - unplug the faulty part and plug in the new part.

The classic cocktail table with woodgrain finish is designed for both commercial/public or home/private use as it can be set to either free play or coin operated play and is the perfect addition to a home entertainment room, office, staff room or a favorite pub or club.

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Classic Cocktail Table Woodgrain Finish Specification

Product Information

Manufacturer Part No
Product Category

Cabinet Information

Cabinet Material
Plywood (18mm Laminated)
Control Panel Material
Steel (Powdercoated)
Joystick Brand
Button Brand


Color Options
Color Notes
All colour options are available

Detailed Specifications

Cabinet Features:

  • Smart woodgrain top with Black exterior
  • Strong 18mm Laminated Plywood Timber Construction
  • 2mm Steel player control panel and legs (all powder coated in black)
  • Latch design, easy to open top of machine and player panels
  • Japan made Sanwa joysticks and push buttons
  • Joysticks adjustable for 2, 4 and 8 way game play
  • Modular design for parts exchange
  • 20inch 4:3 highest standard arcade gaming monitor
  • Adjustable leg height for shorter/taller players
  • Adjustable feet height for uneven floors
  • Electronic multi coin mechanism
  • Can be set to free play or coin operation
  • 2.1 Sound system including subwoofer
  • 3 Year unlimited warranty (for commercial or personal use)

Dimensions, Weight and Container Packing

Unboxed Details

79.0 cm
31.10 in
82.0 cm
32.28 in
72.0 cm
28.34 in
68.00 kg
149.91 lb


89.00 cm
35.03 in
90.00 cm
35.43 in
79.00 cm
31.10 in
89.00 kg
196.21 lb
  • Shipping Weight = 126.558 kgs

  • Shipping is with professional styrofoam internal packing, full paper carton with pallet.

Container Packing Quantities

20ft Container
40ft Container
  • Machines will be triple stacked.

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Supports Vertical JAMMA Boards

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