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Arcooda Deluxe Fish Cabinets

Arcooda Fish Machine Cabinets

Arcooda has been manufacturing fish machine cabinets for many years and can work with you for custom build machines to suit your venues and street operations. Use our experience to maximise profits in your venues.

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Arcooda Entertainer

The Entertainer is Here!

The Entertainer Arcade Machine is an all-in-one styled machine, coupling together an arcade machine and a mini fridge to keep the good times rolling.

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Addams Family Virtual Pinball with Kinect 3D

Pinball Arcade Kinect Compatibility & Setup

Owners of Arcooda's Cabinet Support Software for Pinball Arcade can enjoy 3D game play without the need for goggles or glasses! Just plug in your XBOX One Kinect into your PC running windows 10 to enjoy even more game variety on the 76 Pinball tables in Pinball Arcade.

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Arcooda 20inch Monitor Mounts

New 20.1 inch Monitor supports 15khz, 25khz, 31khz and up to 1080p

We have been working on the perfect 20.1" monitor for the arcade gamer and it is finally here.

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Which Pedal is Right for you Opto or Microswitch

Arcooda Pedal Assembly: Opto Vs. Microswitch

We are thrilled to announce that our Gun Pedal assembly products are available for sale, offering four distinct versions. These include the opto version with a 4-pin wiring configuration, the microswitch version with a 3-pin wiring setup, and exclusive Arcooda versions for both.

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20inch Arcooda Desktop Monitor Metal Slug

20inch Arcooda Monitors to start shipping end February, new features introduced

Final testing has finished on our 20.1inch Arcooda LCD monitors. We are now in production of monitor boards and balance components for a shipping date in February after the Chinese New Year holidays. Many new features have been added including EGA support.

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Connect JAMMA RGB to VGA Adapter

Connecting Arcade Jamma to your VGA Monitor is Easy

The Arcooda RGB to VGA adapter is the easiest solution to input your RGB jamma arcade game boards into Arcooda LCD monitors, or any VGA monitor and equipment.

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Arcooda Tempest Upright Arcade Machine

Tempest Upright Arcade Machine is Now Available

The Tempest Upright Arcade machine is our newest, fully customizable, gaming experience. Enjoy traditional arcade gaming, console gaming, VR, gun shooting and more with the Tempest 32inch arcade cabinet upright. Available Now!

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