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Arcooda Pinball Arcade Arcooda Cabinet Software is designed exclusively for Arcooda pinball machine cabinets, and boasts seamless integration of custom software which is designed to work with the Arcooda IO boards in our virtual pinball machines. This software includes 76 licensed Pinball Arcade pinball games, developed in partnership with FarSight Studios, the makers of The Pinball Arcade.

Arcooda Pinball Arcade Generic Cabinet software includes 76 licensed video pinball games, software, and cabinet model as a standalone product for any generic virtual pinball machine. In less than 10mins, you will be up and running with this standalone licensed software and playing virtual pinball on your pinball machine.

Easily convert your Steam Pinball Arcade PC games library to cabinet mode with the Arcooda Pinball Arcade cabinet unlock key. Once you purchase and activate your key, play your games on your physical virtual pinball machine. Cabinet support will be activated for 76 pinball arcade titles (as long as you own these titles) and will offer up to 3 monitor support, backglass, DMD, Kinect and other pinball functions.

Enchanted Dragon Video Fish Hunter Full Game Board software kit is an English Version skill challenging video fish hunter game, with 3D graphic display, advanced with 20 different fish, 8 boss fish, up to level 30 difficulty, with multiplier win effect, this power up feature may have a chance to trigger full awaken attack and win multiplier reward, Enchanted Dragon fish game can be used for 6 players, 8 players, or 10 players cabinet for option.

Showing 4 of 4 products