Arcade Stools For Your Arcade Machines

  • 28th May, 2024

Arcooda is soon releasing a full range of arcade stools for your arcade machines, including swivel arcade stools, illuminated stools, bench stools, hydraulic stools, and both original and replica Taito arcade stools.

From classic look, to the ultra modern illuminated stool, make your arcade machines complete.

Looking for the authentic Japanese arcade store feel, just add the Taito original stool or replica to your Vewlix machine. Or, want to stand out from the crowd with your Tempest SD machine - add the illuminated arcade stools and colour match using your remote control to suit any store, home, or commercial premises.

Our arcade stools have been chosen or made to our specifications, designed for arcade machines.

Illuminated LED Arcade Stool With Remote Control
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