Arcooda Fish Machine Cabinets

  • 21st March, 2024

Arcooda has been manufacturing fish machine cabinets for many years and can work with you for custom build machines to suit your venues and street operations.

We have a wealth of experience and can work with you for a variety of fish gaming cabinets, for the arcade ticket redemption family amusement centres, or, the gaming venues. Since 2012 we have been building and modifying cabinets from our OK Baby cabinets (sold in serious volumes in Hawaii) to our Deluxe 8 Player machines which were heavily sold into USA and the Caribbean.

Arcooda cabinets are different - we are arcade people, and understand that you need cabinets and equipment that work first time and are designed for heavy use. When problems occur, the cabinets are easy to repair, and acrylic/doors/frames can be exchanged easily without the need for full machine exchanges. Of course, we can build to whatever budget you need, but our goal is to make machines that will keep earning for many years to come.

Arcooda is part of the Highway Group family including Highway Games, who was the first to introduce the fish machines into the USA marketplace. To read more about the Fish machine development over the years, please visit Ocean King Fish Games Case Study.

Arcooda Fish Machine Cabinet Builder
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