Insect Doctor


The Insect Doctor Arcade Machine is a video redemption arcade game, akin to a lottery-type shooting game in which players must try to catch buggy characters using their gun tube.

Insect Doctor features High-Definition graphics which display the beautiful and detailed nature scenes well on a large LCD monitor, and also features 16 different types of insects and 7 kinds of powerful special weapons to catch them with. Its' exciting, yet simple game play, has made it popular among operators and players alike!

The game controls are very simple: each player has one joystick to direct the gun tube, a SHOOT button to shoot their weapon, and a Raise Bet button. These simple controls make the game easy to understand for players of all skill levels.

Insect Doctor Game Features

Special items - You will find Special Items floating in the field. Attack them to release special powers!

Spider Bomb - Killing the spider will cause it to drop a bomb. Press the SHOOT button to start catching characters affected by the bomb explosion and attacking nearby worms.

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Hyper Spider Bomb - Killing the enraged spider when it gets larger will cause the hyper bomb explode, attacking all worms in the field at once.

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Sticky Hive - This will stick all worms nearby where they are, so players can kill trapped worms with double scores.

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Blasting Centipede - After destroying the Centipede, parts of the body will spread and turn into bombs, exploding around the playfield.

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Lightning Scorpion - Kill the Lighting Scorpion and it will release electricity from its tail, and the chain electric shock will attack nearby worms.

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Mantis Saber - Killing it will shoot 2 Mantis Sabers towards the ends of the line, and attack all worms in the line.

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Special Worm - these are huge worms and killing them comes with the chance to turn them into a Lucky Worm to get 2-10 times the scores.

To play, simply insert a coin via the hopper, then select your bet by pressing the Raise Bet button. Now the game will start and players must aim using the joystick and press the SHOOT button once they have lined up a target.

Insect Doctor also includes Special Operation modes, including:

  • Auto Attack, which can be accessed by pressing the SHOOT button down for 3 seconds.
  • Aim Attack, which can be accessed by holding the joystick downwards for 3 seconds, and once launched press push up or down to select the worm you're aiming for.

Using your special weapons will win you huge rewards - simply aim at your target worm clusters, launch your weapon and if you are lucky you can catch buggy characters with values that range anywhere from 3-100 times multiplier!

The Insect Doctor Arcade Machine is an exciting video redemption arcade game that is fun for players of all skill levels! Perfect for upgrading your 8 player fish game arcade cabinets.

Insect Doctor Bugs

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Insect Doctor ScreenShots

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