Tempest Game Wizard Add-On Bundle

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Product No. 020007
Condition New
Product Type Original Product
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Arcooda
Arcooda Part No 20007
Location China

Tempest Game Wizard Add-On Bundle Description

Add the Game Wizard Add-on bundle to your Tempest Acade machine so that it can support Playstation 5, XBOX Series X, PC, Android, Raspberry Pi, and more. This bundle includes everything you need to upgrade your Tempest Arcade Machine to unlock the power of Game Wizard. Suitable for both sitdown and upright version Tempest machines.

The upgrade include our own developed IO board, wiring kit, Sanwa buttons and new control panel (audio, controller inputs, USB inputs/outputs, headphone and microphone jacks and switch adjustments). All parts are plug and play into our existing cabinet eco-system.

If you have purchased the standard Jamma arcade version of the Tempest arcade machine, its super easy to upgrade your machine to support all the latest consoles for endless gaming options.

The custom Highway IO board supports;

• PlayStation 3
• PlayStation 4
• PlayStation 5
• XBOX 360
• XBOX One
• XBOX Series S
• Raspberry Pi
• Android
• PC/Computer
• Nintendo Switch
• NeoGeo Mini
• Sega Mega Drive Mini
• Sega Genesis Mini
• Oculus VR
• Mister Gaming System

As new consoles are released we update and release firmware at no charge.

The Tempest Game Wizard Add-on bundle is available for both the Tempest sitdown and upright cabinets.

Tempest Game Wizard Add-On Bundle Specification

Product Information

Manufacturer Part No
Product Type
Original Product
Product Category

Detailed Specifications

  • Convenient front user management panel
  • Play current consoles/PC on your Tempest Machine
  • Volume Control, with headphone/mic jacks
  • Support for DPAD/Joystick game play
  • regular free firmware updates

Dimensions, Weight and Container Packing

Unboxed Details

20.0 cm
7.87 in
21.0 cm
8.26 in
15.0 cm
5.90 in
2.50 kg
5.51 lb

Shipping Box Details

36.00 cm
14.17 in
45.00 cm
17.71 in
14.00 cm
5.51 in
3.00 kg
6.61 lb
  • Shipping Weight = 22.68 kgs

  • shipping (volume) weight of carton box is 22.5kgs

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Included Items


  • 1x Tempest Game Wizard Add-On Panel (#11269)
  • Highway Arcade Controller Board (#11271)
  • 4x Sanwa 30mm Pushbutton (#11339)
  • 4x Sanwa 24mm Pushbutton (#11279)
  • 1x Wiring Harness Set (##11387)
  • PCB Mounting Feet and Screws

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