20inch Arcooda Monitors to start shipping end February, new features introduced

  • 20th January, 2024

After a long and painful search to locate new (some obsolete) parts, we will soon be ready to send pre-order customers their 20inch monitor orders.

The monitor control boards are now in productions, and once available we plan to start shipping monitors in February after the Chinese New Holidays.

The Arcooda 20inch LCD Monitor is designed for arcade machines and retro game enthusiasts. This monitor offers a 4:3 viewing ratio with VGA and HDMI inputs and supports 15khz/31khz, and high definition up to 1600 x 1200 UXGA resolution. 1.9ms low response time, great colour depth and available in 2 models, our standard monitor in metal frame, or fully enclosed glass professional frame.

New additional features now include;

- 25khz video signal support
- VESA mounting
- Updates in firmware
- Audio output from HDMI
- Monitor adjustment available both inside/outside metal frame

If you are a pre-order customer, please expect to receive a private email over these next weeks with delivery schedules.

If you would like to make a new order, please make an inquiry order via the website and we will stay in touch for delivery news.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

Arcooda 20inch Monitor 15khz 25khz 31khz 1080P
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