Connecting Arcade Jamma to your VGA Monitor is Easy

  • 6th January, 2024

The Arcooda RGB to VGA adapter board allows you to easily connect a range of RGB wiring harnesses (5pin, 6pin, and 10pin) from your arcade cabinets / JAMMA game boards to your VGA monitor or video equipment.

This product is not a video converter/scaler, but is an adapter and will take your RGB signal and transfer to your VGA device. It offers the following solutions;

- Plug and play from your JAMMA harness (or your RGB cables/wiring) to your VGA monitor without needing to rewire/solder/modifiy.

- Adjust the colour intensity via the 3 colour (red, green, blue) potentiometers

- Further fine tune your video signal via the 330/470PF capacitance dipswitches

Using the Arcooda RGB to VGA Adapter board is the easiest way to connect JAMMA RGB to any VGA monitor.

RGB to VGA Adapter PCB with colour adjustments
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