Game Wizard - Arcade Gaming For Life

  • 2nd April, 2023

Game Wizard gives you the power to play consoles, PCs, Android, arcade game boards, and much more on your Arcooda machines. With a simple plug and play system, easily install your favour gaming console to your machine.

Because there are so many variables, you may need to purchase additional components (USB A to C adapter for example) but everything is then plug and play. There is no need for technical ability, soldering wires, installing software

Our design is based on one cabinet for life – as new consoles are released, we update the Highway IO board that controls the Game Wizard eco-system, and release a firmware update for free to Arcooda users. Our customers who purchased their machines many years ago are as current (well, almost) as new release machines.

Game Wizard 3 Panels for Arcade Gaming
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