Game Wizard Xtreme 3.0 is now Available

  • 31st March, 2023

Building on the Game Wizard Xtreme 2012 legacy, the 3.0 machine offers over 800+ variations including multi panel options, upgrading wiring systems, and supporting over 20 consoles, PC, and arcade gaming.

With the latest Xtreme 3.0 machine, play virtually any arcade JAMMA game board, or, current series JVS arcade game boards. Then, add the Game Wizard add-on bundle, and play almost all current series consoles such as XBOX series S X, Playstation 5, PC, Raspberry Pi, Android, Mister, Nintendo Switch, and much much more.

Designed by arcade gamers for arcade players, all components are plug and play and modular. No need for any technicians, just unplug and replug and you are away gaming.

Change your control panels to match your gaming needs.

Game Never Over...with Arcooda.

For more information;

Game Wizard Xtreme 3.0 Arcade Machine

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