New 20.1 inch Monitor supports 15khz, 25khz, 31khz and up to 1080p

  • 13th February, 2024

We absolutely love our Monitors here at Arcooda and our newest version is our 20.1” model in a 4:3 ratio.

Supporting 15khz, 25khz, 31khz and up to 1080p, this screen is suitable for old and new gaming set ups. It even has 3 different mounting solutions and a pro finish version!

This project has been underway for some time but we believe we now have it just right, we even added 25khz compatibility which our previous model did not support. So now you can play even more of your favourite games.

These are shipping in March as well, as our 32inch versions, and are available to order right now!

Find out more here

 Arcooda 20inch Arcade Monitor
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