Pinball Arcade Steam Cabinet Support

  • 23rd November, 2023

Pinball Arcade software owners can easily obtain access to Steam Cabinet Support through Arcooda's easy to setup support software, allowing you to turn your desktop game into full video pinball cabinet games. Arcooda's software has support for up to 76 titles on Pinball Arcade, with large improvements to gameplay and graphics allowing you to use 3 monitors to build your virtual pinball machine.

Arcooda Pinball Arcade users can purchase Steam Cabinet software for $149 USD and can setup quickly with very few steps. The process requires purchasing a Steam Unlock code key from Arcooda's website, then proceed to connect to the Steam app and input the code key in Pinball Arcade to activate the virtual cabinet. Please note that not only do you need to maintain an internet connection to reach the servers, but you must have purchased the Pinball Arcade titles prior to purchasing and activating the software.

Once activated, users can adjust monitors to create their ideal pinball environment, with support for up to 3 monitors for a virtual main playfield, horizontal score screen, and horizontal back glass. Arcooda's software also allows for Xbox controller mapping for use on Windows 10, as well as Xbox Kinect support to provide a 3D experience without the need for extra technology.

More information can be found here

Arcooda Pinball Arcade Steam Cabinet Support
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