Pre Order now Available for Arcooda 20inch 4x3 Ratio 15khz LCD Monitors

  • 24th March, 2023

Our Arcooda 20inch 4x3 ratio LCD monitors are in their final production. Pre-order for estimated delivery in April. This will be our last assembly for the 20inch monitors.

The Arcooda 20.1 inch arcade LCD monitor uses a premium LG A grade 1600x1200 panel that we then design to work with 15khz, 31khz and up to 1080P via the VGA or HDMI inputs. Match together with our RGB board for plug and play integration for JAMMA arcade applications.

We have 2 models under production;

#20135 This is our regular model, but with VESA mount. It is designed to be mounted inside your arcade machine, or, match with desktop stand for home use.

#20139 Our new slimline model, with custom black metal frame with glass front, perfectly designed for home use.

Please contact our team for more details.

15khz RGB LCD Monitor
20inch 4x3 Ratio Arcade LCD Monitor
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