Second Monitor for your Game Wizard Xtreme, Taito Vewlix and China Chewlix Arcade Cabinets

  • 26th March, 2023

Easily add a 2nd LCD monitor to your Game Wizard Xtreme (any version), Taito Vewlix or China Chewlix machines with a plug and play system.

With Arcooda new full modular system, its easy to add second LCD monitor, player instructions, media panels and more.

The second monitor add-on is available as in both 14 and 14.9 inches, up to 4K resolution and supports both VGA and HDMI input.

14inch 4K LCD Panel Set

14.9inch LCD Panel Set

The new Arcooda eco-system is fully modular and allows you to add and upgrade your machines as your gaming changes.

Arcooda 20 inch LCD Monitor Desktop
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