Sitdown Tempest Arcade Machine is Now Available

  • 4th April, 2023

The Tempest sitdown arcade machine offers a premium gaming experience with many options to customize your artwork, LED lighting, and gaming experience.

Offering 32inch 1.3ms 1080P gaming monitor with RGB 15khz native input, together with VGA and HDMI input, Japanese Sanwa joystick and buttons, 2.1 Arcooda audio sound system with subwoofer, interchangeable add-on components and more.

Arcade JAMMA wiring is standard, but install the Game Wizard add-on to allow 18+ consoles/PC gaming products - all plug and play.

Custom build your own cabinet, choose the components, colours, artwork and more...for your unique cabinet.

With the Game Wizard system, one cabinet for life....

For more information;

Game Wizard Tempest Sitdown Arcade Machine

Build My Machine

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