Timeshock Arcade Edition Arcooda Video Pinball Software

Timeshock! - The Arcade Edition adds all new and unique features to popular video pinball game Pro Pinball: Timeshock! to create an authentic pinball experience that is playable on a full-sized cabinet.

Many new software features have been introduced to Timeshock! - The Arcade Edition, developed in partnership with Barnstorm Games, the team behind Pro Pinball: Timeshock! - Ultra Edition, including innovative video pinball cabinet support elements.

What Makes Timeshock! - The Arcade Edition Unique

Timeshock! - The Arcade Edition is an advanced and integrated video pinball cabinet version of the renowned Pro Pinball: Timeshock! video game.

Timeshock! - The Arcade Edition's software is designed with full cabinet support in mind. The arcade edition offers advanced gameplay experience, which will include:

  • Full three-screen plus touchscreen support (multi backglass display, multi-colour DMD)
  • Pinball coils, shaker motors and lighting circuit - all customised to work with the gameplay software
  • New gameplay features
  • Tournament play capabilities complete with prizes

Play a Piece of Video Pinball History

Timeshock! is considered one of the pioneer video pinball tables, and has a rich history.

It is reviewed as one of the best video pinball tables ever made.

Timeshock Arcade Edtion is Available Exclusively on Arcooda Arcade Products

Timeshock! - The Arcade Edition is available exclusively on the following products:

Arcooda Video Pinball

Arcooda Video Pinball is the world's first full-sized touchscreen video pinball machine. It is made with real pinball parts for an authentic pinball experience, and offers advanced features such as interchangeable control panels.

Arcooda Video Pinball

Touch Wizard

Touch Wizard

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Game Wizard for Android

Game Wizard For Android

Game Wizard for Android is a multi-platform gaming machine that provides endless entertainment options. Users can simply connect to their Google account and start downloading their favourite games and apps from Google's Play store onto the machine.

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