MiSTer FPGA is an open-source project that aims to recreate classic computers, video game consoles, and arcade machines using modern hardware. It allows software and game images to run as they would on original hardware.

Connecting MiSTer FPGA to any Game Wizard products is plug and play. Plug in the machine’s HDMI connection and twin USB cables into the MiSTer FPGA and you are ready to play! The Game Wizard allows for any gaming experience you can imagine, all in the one environment.

Instructions to Connect your MiSTer FPGA into Any Game Wizard Arcade Machine

Step 1.
Inside your machine, check that your joystick control panel wiring is setup for console/PC play, and not set for Arcade/Jamma game play. (please check your manual for location).

Step 2.
After installing your MiSTer FPGA console inside the machine, plug in the Machine HDMI cable into your console.

Step 3.
Plug in the Highway I/O board USB twin ended cable into your MiSTer FPGA console.

Step 4.
Change the front multimedia control panel set to PC. Even though MiSTer FPGA is a console, it works via PC USB protocols so please use PC on the switch setting. Depending on your machine configuration, the location of this switch will vary.


  • Game Wizard Panel Switch = PC
  • Hand Controllers Must Be Connected = No
  • Setup Instruction

    Connect Arcade Machine HDMI Cable to the MiSTer Console
    Connect the Arcooda Twin USB cable from the I/O Board to the MiSTer Console
    Turn Arcooda Media Panel switch to PC
    Turn Arcooda Wide Media Panel switch to PC