Game Wizard for Android Arcade Machine

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Product No. 020044
Condition New
Warranty 12 Months
Coin Operated Yes
Product Series Game Wizard
Manufacturer Arcooda
Arcooda Part No 20044
Location China

Game Wizard for Android Arcade Machine Description

The Game Wizard for Android may look like a two-player, upright arcade machine but it is so much more. The machine's Android operating system turns the arcade into a hub of endless entertainment.

MONITOR: The Game Wizard for Android features a 26inch Full Multi Touchscreen HD LCD Monitor which makes it perfect for playing your favourite mobile games on a big screen.

ANDROID INSIDE: The Android operating system makes the Game Wizard for Android machine compatible with thousands of games and applications that are available from the Google Play store. Users of the machine can log into the Google Play store, browse its vast library for games and applications, download them onto the Game Wizard for Android and start using them straight away.

GAMEPLAY: Games can be played on the machine using the two-player arcade panel with joysticks and pushbuttons, with the 26" HD LCD touchscreen monitor or with external console controllers. Just plug them into the cabinet and play.

SOUND: with 2.1 audio sound system, this custom sound package was designed for arcade, including subwoofer. Adjust the sound via volume control and separate subwoofer volume control.

CABINET: Traditional 18mm Laminated plywood & steel arcade construction. With industry standard wheels and screw down feet, The Game Wizard for Android also includes 4 input power board, +5V 20A +12V 8A power supply, 2x 12volt fans.

UPGRADABLE: The patent pending hardware within the Game Wizard for Android makes the machine compatible with PC and external consoles such as Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4. Again, just plug the console - not adapters needed - into the cabinet and you're set to play games.

GET THE PARTY STARTED: Applications for social media, music and video streaming can be used on the Game Wizard for Android, turning this arcade machine into a video jukebox which is further enhanced by the jukebox quality speakers and subwoofer built into the cabinet.

CONTROL PANEL: Switches in the middle of the cabinet's control panel make it easy for users to change between Android, arcade, console and PC modes of play. The Control panel features Japanese made joystick and buttons. Sanwa are the world's premium arcade controllers offering years of trouble free operation.

If you are looking for an arcade-style machine that fuses gaming and home entertainment, then the Game Wizard for Android is for you.

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Game Wizard for Android Arcade Machine Specification

Product Information

Manufacturer Part No
Product Category

Monitor Information

Monitor #1
Monitor Size
26 Inch (16:9 Wide)
Monitor Specifications
Up to 1080P
Other Monitor Options Available
VGA + HDMI Input

Cabinet Information

Cabinet Material
Plywood (18mm Laminated)
Control Panel Material
Steel (Powdercoated)
Joystick Brand
Button Brand


Color Options

Detailed Specifications

This full sized (184cms tall) arcade machine is not a throw away toy and is feature packed, with premium features including;

  • 26inch HD LCD monitor
  • Full multi touchscreen (play games using joystick or touchscreen)
  • Laminated plywood & steel construction
  • Japanese Sanwa joysticks & buttons
  • Android Motherboard included with 64G storage
  • Jamma Wiring System
  • Highway IO board (propitiatory) supports all current consoles, PC and more
  • 4 wheels & stoppers for portability
  • 2.1 Sound System including Subwoofer
  • Bonus spare parts and full 12 months warranty

Even more advanced features;

  • Supports virtually all late model consoles, just plug in your XBOX One or PlayStation 5 and start playing the current games such as Tekken 7 with easy. Just like being in an arcade centre. Your Highway IO board is firmware upgradeable.
  • Supports almost all hand consoles, play with Arcade Joystick, touchscreen or hand console controller (subject to game software support). The gaming choice is yours.
  • Connect your Steam, XBOX Live, Playstation Plus, Origin, Google Play store, etc… accounts and have an "all-in-one" cabinet.
  • Easily serviceable (all internal designs are plug and play, no need any technician or special tools) as all components are designed with plugs, and cabinet is either opened with key or latches so no need to dismantle the machine to gain access.
  • Regular FREE firmware updates to ensure future console compatibility and continuous improvement to software. When new consoles are released, upgrade (free) your Xtreme machine to the latest console with firmware update. The Game Wizard Xtreme uses the HIGHWAY IO board, a custom designed IO board supporting the widest range of gaming options.

Get the most from your gaming experience from the Game Wizard arcade machine series.

Dimensions, Weight and Container Packing

Unboxed Details

79.0 cm
31.10 in
72.5 cm
28.54 in
184.0 cm
72.44 in
111.00 kg
244.71 lb

Pallet Details

85.00 cm
33.46 in
79.00 cm
31.10 in
207.00 cm
81.49 in
125.00 kg
275.57 lb
  • Shipping Weight = 1390.005 kgs

  • Shipping is with professional styrofoam internal packing, full paper carton with pallet.

Container Packing Quantities

20ft Container
40ft Container
  • 45pcs can be loaded if double stacked.

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Included Items

  • Game Wizard for Android Arcade Machine
  • Spare Parts including Buttons and joystick balltops

Owner Section

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How To Use Game Wizard For Android Arcade Machine

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Unlimited Gaming Options

Unlimited Gaming Options

2.1 Sound System with Subwoofer

2.1 Sound System with Subwoofer

Gameboard and Console Ready

Gameboard and Console Ready

Never Obsolete

Never Obsolete

Touch or Joystic Gameplay

Touch or Joystic Gameplay

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Game Wizard for Android Arcade Machine Features