Tempest Upright Arcade Machine is Now Available

  • 23rd November, 2023

The Tempest upright Arcade machine is our newest, fully customizable, gaming experience. Our machine is designed by gamers, for gamers and available now!

Our machine is designed to give you a traditional arcade experience with stunning visuals and high-quality controls. Other arcade cabinets on the market offer up to 26” screens whereas we feature a huge 32” gaming monitor to make sure you are seeing every part of your game.

This monitor is fully designed by us to detect your consoles needs and display the best quality, in real time. Supporting 15khz, 31khz, and up to 1080P HD inputs via VGA and HDMI you can play on the oldest game boards to the newest consoles and everything in between.

Play your way! The Tempest arcade machine features standard JAMMA wiring but we also offer the Game Wizard add-on that expands your gameplay to 18+ consoles/PC gaming products. Simply plug and play to exponentially increase your gaming opportunities. As tech adapts, so do our machines. This will be the only cabinet you need for life!

At Arcooda we cherish the nostalgia of the arcade and we want to bring that to the modern gamer. To achieve this, we use premium Japanese made Sanwa joysticks and buttons that offer years of trouble-free operation. Both of these come in up to 14 colour options to suit your style.

Immerse yourself in the game
with 2.1 audio sound system. This custom sound package was designed for the arcade and includes a subwoofer but is controllable for the at home gamer. Not only sound but every component of your Tempest cabinet is customisable!

On order we accept your art, photos or designs to place on the acrylic panels of the machine. Design a header for your home or business, use the smaller panels for advertisement or family photos. Do What You Want™.

Even the lighting is up to you with programmable RGB lighting surrounding the cabinet. With a simple to use mobile phone app you can go from flashing rainbow lights to a more subtle moody look with the press of a button.

We have thought of everything! The inside of your machine features two-tiered storage shelves to allow for console storage, the installation of a coin operator, or even hidden snacks! You can mount boards to the walls inside and plug devices in with the inbuilt power board.

To get the most out of your machine, our website features a wealth of connection and customisation guides so you will never have to wait on call to a technician. You can also add additional screens, gun game set up, foot pedals and much more at any time. With owner exclusive content on our site the Gaming Level… is up to you.

The Tempest upright Arcade machine is in production and ready to be ordered now!

Check out the machine here

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