Game Wizard Legend


The Game Wizard Legend is a premium, beautifully designed cabinet from Arcooda. The machine has attractive bright lights and a 32" HD LCD Screen. Also comes in 5 custom designs.This cabinet is made of durable commercial grade steel. Included in the cabinet is a Joystick, Trackball, high quality push buttons and USB ports for any of your console controls. The Versatile hardware allows you to connect your Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PC and any of your favorite game boards.The Machine also come in 5 designs to match your style and flair.

See the Game Wizard Legend in Action

The Game Wizard Legend is user friendly and modular in design. Players can switch between the gaming systems with ease and changing a game can be as simple as changing a disc or using your online gaming libraries.

How it Works

Play by Joystick, Controller and More

Unlimited Gaming

Supports All Consoles

Play JAMMA and Current Arcade Gameboards

The Game Wizard Legend allows players to choose how they want to play all their favourite games - using the specially designed arcade control panel with joystick and pushbutton controls, or by connecting an external console hand controller or keyboard and mouse using the USB ports built into the machine.

The Game Wizard Legend supports PlayStation, Xbox, PC, arcade game boards and other late model consoles. For further gaming options connect to Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Origin using personal accounts and an Ethernet connection. This is all plug and play - no extra modifications or wiring is necessary.

Users can connect their Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Raspberry Pi and more to the Game Wizard Legend and play their favourite video games on a commercial-grade arcade machine. Players can also connect their console hand controller to the USB ports built into the machine to play a wider variety of games. The machine will be continually updated and owners will receive firmware updates to upgrade the machine's compatibility to current consoles.

The Game Wizard Legend is specially designed so users can easily install JAMMA, JVS and late model arcade game boards to the machine. Through the user-friendly modular design, players can easily swap over from console to arcade mode. No technical expertise, wiring or adapters needed.

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