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Our 2 player fish machine cabinet is designed for all Arcooda fishing software, IGS and many other game boards allowing to give you the Arcooda versatility that comes with everything we make. High quality joysticks, superb sounding subwoofers.

The Arcooda 6 Player Fish Cabinet is part of our premium range of our fish cabinets and has been designed for heavy use for both ticket redemption machines as well as gaming products for venues. Original product designed by Arcooda with guaranteed income and return investment for owners and operators.

The Arcooda 8 Player deluxe Fish Machine cabinet is a top of the range original product with guaranteed income and return investment for owners and operators. It is designed for gaming venues, can be transported in vertical mode, offers multiple internal wiring configurations and the widest options for player terminals, and payment options.

The 8 Player Arcooda Metro Fish Machine is a great economical choice for your fish machine gaming software. Offers 8 player terminals, with 58inch HD monitor, full steel cabinet prewired for all Arcooda, IGS, and other fish arcade game board for plug and player operation. Taiwan joysticks and buttons, stereo sound with subwoofer, bill acceptor & printer reader.

The Arcooda Multiside Deluxe Cocktail Table is the premium sitdown arcade cocktail table machine with steel and plywood construction, offering 26 inch arcade HD LCD monitor, Japanese Sanwa joysticks and buttons, 2.1 subwoofer sound system, and endless features that include adjustable height and advanced maintenance features.

Arcooda Pinball Arcade Arcooda Cabinet Software is designed exclusively for Arcooda pinball machine cabinets, and boasts seamless integration of custom software which is designed to work with the Arcooda IO boards in our virtual pinball machines. This software includes 76 licensed Pinball Arcade pinball games, developed in partnership with FarSight Studios, the makers of The Pinball Arcade.

Our Classic black mirror LCD Cocktail Table is a commercial grade sleek black finish arcade machine suitable for heavy usage in arcade and street locations, and highly suited to games rooms looking for the finest product. Plywood and steel construction, 20inch 4:3 ratio or 21inch 16:9 inch HD panels, adjustable height, Japanese joysticks, 20amp power supply, and much more.

Our most visually striking classic cocktail table, boasting polished metal cabinet finish, comes with premium components including our 20inch 4:3 HD monitor, 2.1 Arcooda subwoofer sound system, steel and plywood construction, adjustable height, and custom latch design system.

Our classic woodgrain Cocktail Table is a classic style, commercial grade cocktail table that features either our premium 20inch 4:3 ratio monitor or 21.5" LCD monitor, Sanwa Japanese buttons and joysticks, 2.1 sound system with subwoofer, adjustable height and the highest build standards possible.

Arcooda's Game Wizard for Android is much more than a two-player arcade machine. It is a hub of endless entertainment. Gaming, social media, music and video streaming - touchscreen, joystick, console controller, supports ALL current consoles, PC as well as Jamma game boards. The machine ships with Android motherboard, just add your PC, Playstation, XBOX or Jamma arcade game boards for endless gaming options.

The Game Wizard Mercury 2.0 is a sleek and compact arcade option packing all of the advanced Arcooda features into one versatile cabinet. The Mercury combines arcade/pc/console plug and play capability with a 24" touch screen and accessible USB ports for an infinite combination of gaming options.

Game Wizard Xtreme 3.0 is our most advanced joystick arcade machine to date. Built for dedicated gamers, the Xtreme 3.0 is an industry-leading step forward in arcade gaming for both home and commercial use. This machine creates a true arcade experience with 1ms HD gaming monitor, Sanwa joystick and buttons, 2.1 audio sound system with subwoofer, Jamma, JVS arcade and full console/PC support.

Sanwa OBSF-24 button is widely used for buttons in Japanese arcade machines made by Taito, Sega and Namco. Each Sanwa button contains a non-clicking microswitch which makes it smooth and quiet. Sanwa OBSF-24 push button is our preferred choice in Arcooda arcade machines.

The Tempest sitdown arcade machine is a premium steel cabinet with gaming monitor designed for arcade gamers. It features a 32 inch 15/31khz + 1080P HD LCD Monitor, Japanese Sanwa joystick and buttons, JAMMA arcade wiring system, 2.1 sound system, full cabinet lighting effects, with easy upgrades.

Enjoy traditional arcade gaming, console gaming, VR, gun shooting and more with the Tempest 32inch arcade cabinet upright. This premium steel cabinet is designed for arcade gamers and features a 32 inch 15/31khz + 1080P HD LCD Monitor, Japanese Sanwa joystick and buttons, 2.1 sound system, full cabinet lighting effects, with easy upgrades.

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